Through My Eyes.-EA

Friday, February 10, 2006

Journey Of Light Through Forest

A long time ago, of thousands of years, as girl found herself at crossroads. Her violation came from a man unknown, unseen, but a shadow. Not only was it her violation, but also her son's, whoms' seed had just sprout and taken life. During the long journey that was but a few months he grew, dark turning to light, the every increasing glimpses of conscienseness revealing itself to reality and then back to self, until conscienseness knows itself. Self awareness then starts to ask, which in turn leads to conclusion. Feelings develop into thought, even if it is 'what is this feeling', of course the thoughts are very abstract at this age. Going on knowing not what reside in her womb, a changed, now 'woman', in the twinkle of a stary night life was changing, into dreams that never were, hindered by actions of a dynamically constant universe, where there is no justice in random occurrence(that is not to say that in particular circumstances I do not believe in predetermined occurrences, whether by human or any other influence.), and the river of life's currents are fully felt. Then one day, probably in her room, she knew, the whole sum of that truth looking her in the eye, its presence being felt within much space-less expanse of itself. It soon happened that many changes came again, and choices where made both from perfection and imperfection. A new world was forming, dim light, sudden movements, and laughter started to form and be realized. The swaying pendulum of fluid embracing, warming the egg like the fluffs of chickens. Great sadness and pain of heart, 'it was him growing in her', 'it was her growing in her'. All the while the boy grew, and simple wonder started to enchant. Yes, the movements and glow of light during day where mezmerising to him. She had spent the most of her life independent of another, and now she was faced with being the dependences of another, and this worried her so. Memory of the cruel hands of the past around her; these same hands that would support her, and be the 'parent's' of her and her son, she could not be bear, and knew that her son would have to grow eventually without her, and this thought drove her mad for a time, the tearing within of 'what to do'.



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