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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Seeing The Whole

Stillness prevading, streching outward all around, the colors from my movement enrap me three dimensionally, the brightness increasing, of whiteness, nothing but it, conscienceness all around this space, the point of my physical body, and the future place that is already in memory, brought forth there by the collective resonance of infinity. Sprits of frequency pass, and echo off the boundries that define them, ever so reaching into an endless circle of dance, with itself as the rhythm that generates its energy alone , and feeds it to the most distant of its parts, which is the same as its center point, for it is all in equal balance and harmony. Shift is going to come, a change in the balance because of the injected inbalance of the actions the majority have allowed to happen. All that one wants to say, say, for after it is not said, it can never be said. That moment has passed, and freedom from the self one has not let fly. Life is fog, then light, of not understanding, then understanding, then learning something 'new' and not understanding again. For has not everything been thought through long ago? Oh thats right, most poet's, scholars, philosophers existed before the TV, video games, computers, cars, the phone, corporations that need slaves, small business's that are slaves, dumb children(in the sence of analytical and cognitive ability) but we allow them to distract with illustion, because reasoning is not 'encouraged' in schools, low self esteem that seems to be imprinted upon our subconscience at every glance, moral irresponsibility, and not holding people that govern others accountable to the people they govern, who they really work for anyway, immoral conduct in the younger generations, that lead to the spread of disease and moral breakdown, barbaric views of oneself and spirit, etc, all these things over time collecting in the collective conscienceness a very heavy load of negative energy. What effects on the surrounding enviroment does this have, and the disruptions such actions have on the whole? This is excluding the intentional manipulations that involve space time, energy dipoles, magnitism, electromagnetism, gravity, antigravity, electrical, and atomic processes that are carried out behind our eyes. There is much in which the human race has been hid from, for them knowing of such truth would uninslave mankind from the veils of deception, no longer being able to control us by the many various methods in which they use. Illusion. Being illuded is a complex but simple algorithm in which has been perfected, although erroneiously 'perfected' over time, they have and will kill, and the masses will run to there bloody arms for the gifts of promise only to be slain with a laugh, a sneer of the face, a growl of the lungs will fill there air. Like rapids of waters change is coming, coming from the winds of change that strike with hot blasts on a cool winter day. Do you hear it, the groan of the collective, the noise that utters forth, the weak grasp that they have now, they are fearfull, looking out past the shaded window to the street, to see whom there eye''s might greet. The falling apart of there power, by the enlightened ones infusing there knowledge into the collective constantly. There time has come, the universe is going to speak, by mere voices upon a rock, expanding the whole, energy vibrating through space and time, arriving at the predestination of its intentions. We are one, there is no other, the stars, the hologram in which we all reside, matter takes shape, energy passes over, light reflects and refracts, matter disconnected but connected, the hologram is born, for what we see that is existing is not as we see it at all. First the eye reads the 'reflection' of light, then flips it, overlaping it together with the corresponding input, sending it deep within the brain to piece the small bits of code together, arranging them in the mind as a 'hologram'. What does this really mean? That there are textures and colors in any object that we dont discern, and that what the image really resembles before it is processed might look like picaso's work, we do not really know, for we have not seen other than how we perceive now, and what is matter anyway, since there has been proven that large amounts of space exist in between molecular bonding, so every physical item is really nothing but open space. Our frequency plain of perception is very small as well, and there might be much to see by atuneing to these unperceived frequencies. There are old acient accounts of Tibetan Shamans who where able to 'phaze' there bodies out of our normal frequency perception into another, or one in between one another, using only there minds. There is much history in the Orient of 'Masters' who where able to defy commonly presumed undefiable laws of physics, being able to mold matter to there will. Unimaginable things before they are imagined are usually ridiculed and disbelieved. There are numerable examples in history of things being deemed untrue and then over time proven and then accepted as common knowledge. There is much we dont know, that when we realize new things, and understand them, then we begin to learn, for learning always what one already knows is not dynamic learning, just regurgitating knowledge that is already existing within. And this is not deemed by another, it only happens within our own conscienceness, and cannot be dictated by others, for they are on there own quest for enlightenment. This does not mean that one will not take parts from others to fill ones own whole. Despite there being all individual circumstances that make up our own 'self awareness', there is the continual input to the collective, and the drawing of knowledge from the collective, there also being a constant, the thing in which is true, and all the others that are false, ideas that is, understandings that we each view as our reality, what really exists and what does not, this being a huge array of individual tweaks and adjustments, being brought to our attention by living daily as we do, thinking on, dealing on, being consumed on things further away than channel 8, and deeper into the pages of our book, the collectives book, and the puzzle with all the pieces strewn out before us, hopefully at early age starting on the puzzle, for it only gets more complicated as time goes on. The time is arriving for the grand event, the event which will firmly establish what is fiction, and what is reality. No matter what the individual believe is, the truth is going to be revealed, and matters being settled on this 'human' subject for a long time to come. People of guilt will pay there prices, the innocents bondage will be released, the happy will rejoice, for the dawn has finally come into the night, and there will be no fright any longer, we will know. The people that hold the power are afraid, that is why they tighten there grip on us all, but it goes much farther than them; whomever they are, and wherever they reside in time, they are only a small stumbling block, a distraction, what is important is what your oneness with the energy of everything is, and what state is it in, for outcomes come from knowing these things, whatever it may be, for its is all really the same, believes that is, just different spin, slant, perspective, different way of saying or perceiving something, but it really being the same. If one studies Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Muslim religions, there is many common parallels, and mostly seems to be a use of differing metaphorical usage as well as the use of complex proverbial examples, not to mention laws, principles and codes. Then there are the far removed Indian tribes of that time period, and there ways of life are generally the same as the before mentioned cultures. There was always principles that reflected honor and integrity(at some point), a believe in a god form, and the respect for its creation. And all these differing points of view have moved people to kill one another for the sake of them, it is common logic that the measure of the worth of a persons believe depends entirely on the fruits of that believe, for what worth is believe without action, and by this action one proves that ones believe is truly existing within. In the efforts of humans to be 'right' we have slaughtered our children, tortured our mothers, burned our fathers, and raped our procreation of wisdom and pease. Some might say they have never done such things, but the truth is when any do it to another, all have done it, and all have had it done to them, for we are all connected, and share the same energy source in which gives us life, all our particles coming from the ages of ago. Really then when one stands by and complacency allows these things to continue, this one is as guilty as the one of the actions, for we are from the time of long ago, and we do have the power to affect, affect anything in which our self aware conscienceness can perceive. As many have observed, words themselfs have power, and imprint themselfs into the collective energy balance in which we all draw from. Does polluting our well with this negative energy seem logical, for then it is particlelized into the stream, going to all that drink from it. Hence, if words have this power what of the actions behind those words, these are really articulations of what is in the conscienceness, and on into the realm of existence of the whole, thereby having a larger effect, for it is then amplified in itself. For instance, what of a popular new design or theory, within the self of the creator of it is its power, and the knowledge being evident, but once directly injected into the 'whole', or collective, it is amplified of itself, and whether it is bad or good is evident by the effect manisfitation, revealing the original beginning of this 'reality' of conscienceness. Concepts of the wise, that they do not even understand, for understanding is a ceaseless motion in time, and it really being that, a motion, the mechanics of the universe in constant flux, everything attached to that being in the same flux. All the manisfestations of conscienceness, individual states comprising the whole, and as being active in this state, constantly being connected to it, whether perceived as being a good or bad circumstance, depending what viewpoint we individually perceive it as, for all can have two sides, no sides, or one side, it is just a matter of 'individual' perspective, only the TRUE reality being correct in the end. Everything that is believed does require other seekers as a template, but in the end, if one takes all that one can into oneself, then examines, discarding some, accepting others, until the sum whole of ones understanding is defined, this puzzle never completing in the cycle, it continuing forever, there waves spreading out into the void, resounding there, frozen, on there journey into the folds of the universe, What happens when a sound wave is formed, it is a wave that travels outward from its point of beginning, during this process it interacts with many other objects in space, these reactions giving way to many 'other' actions and reactions, this process once started, traveling forever, and although the original particle has moved on from the point of beginning in the capacity of our perceptional frequency, it is still active. The same is true of us, and our actions, they having the same affect within the realm of our perception, there actions causing other actions and reactions that will continue in the collective forever. For instance sometimes in relationships people are hurt, and they then might subconsciously induce hurt into the one hurting them because of the original hurt, and this hurt might have happened many years before, and have nothing to do with the person that one is now hurting. Hence these things continue, and never leave the plain of conscienceness once they are induced into it, either magnifying itself in the way of good things or bad. Many cultures long ago called this Gaia; or the 'life force' that actuates everything, everywhere, and worked very hard at aligning there lives to only produce good in respects as to Gaia. It is funny how people take pride in believing something, sometimes feeling like this knowledge is so grand, and that there aura shines with the self identification of these things within self, when really that knowledge come from the collective, and has been shared by all, from the beginning of the beginning. I have felt this, this believing in self thought things in which eventually I had to let go as being false, the internal struggle, and tearing of the self, working to abate the selfish longing in my self, for self, ego, letting go of the hold that is set before us all as our training. Everything taking place as it should, for it is just a journey in which we all travel, different stages all share, being one, for everyone has been at all stages, and really is at all stages, for the reality of it exists in us all, and we cannot divide ourselves from any part of the whole, for we came from the whole, and would be diluting oneself, the journey though is to find it again, for some of that knowledge we have forgotten, and some has been hidden from our view, but it is worth much struggle. Struggle is really power, for it is the revealer of wisdom, for wisdom is not gained by a complacent mind, nor one in which does not need to ask any questions. We seem to struggle with getting past others not believing the same as we, when the ultimate truth is love, to love, compassion, to have these things in large amounts is really the only truth, for not matter the believe, the epidimy of it all is love, and compassion, these being the most profound truths of all. To love all, everything, every bad circumstance, for loving the good is easy, and the animals do not mope from there circumstance, and who would want to be the beast in the field, or the small ant, working to and fro like it does everyday, all day, not I, I say. Growth comes from a struggle within, for the butterfly does not emerge, unless the caterpillar makes great effort does it not? Like all, I await, in some form, for what I know to be change, to be freedom, from the ignorance that enslaves us all, this metamorphication taking place as often, or unoften as we allow it.


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