Through My Eyes.-EA

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The cocooned gift that helped me grow into who I am today, this is the place I grew up.

, and the wind did speak saying " What is it that you seek high in the clouds when the answers remain on land, is it not that destiny only finds those seeking it, or has forgetfulness seeped into, corrupting the innocence that was never there. It strikes upon the cold night with thunderous voice, commanding reason coming forth to support its claims, but the time of long winds has been forgotten, and the storm is invisible to the unseen". I still feel its power of rush, animating the leaves that day, as if the swirl of universal energy had settled up my forehead, and stillness yet remained. I inquired further asking ' did the leaves ever permit the ground a breath, or did they burn with the fire of night'? "No they permitted the leaves breath, but for the sake of there branches in the tree, only falling on there command, seeing how there life comes from them. The ground however is solid, yet soft, and is more massive than the mere tree, each grain being infinitely enumerable in quantity and space. However the ground tends to crack and break without the flow of enlightened water, or the "nectar of the ground", for by doing so will free your progeny, for they are the "Heir to THE Thought", this by reason of your thoughts produce feelings, which in turn produce action's, thereby molding there world either with action or inaction". I see. So what then if there is no sustainment and cohesion of the ground? " Then by the reasons of such the roots of the tree will grow into all the ground, filling all space on the ground with its bark, roots extending to the center of the ground, through and through its veins will go". As I walked out of " four valley walls " I could feel the crisp night sparkle into my skin, the sky musky, with sharply torn sleeves of golden cotton, raying through the prismed sky.............


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