Through My Eyes.-EA

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Poems Of A Mother-July- 2003-(11:28pm)

From early age Ive always transversed spacetime through the mind to try too bind with her, from young age as well I have felt, or thought I felt her combining who I am with what I presume she is, and focus everything too that point I used to feel, as if she was doing the same. But maybe the mind and want for the emotion was so powerful that it created itself, never tangible, existed only in the mind and heart. But now I feel as if her spirit has faded or hopefully not worse, as her spirit not existing anymore. Then I try to center on any siblings, and others that share the sense that exists in the entire realm of my being. My sister is fixing to meet her mom, and things sound as if it is going to go well. When I write my letter its not going to be short or formal, it will be the greatest piece of word expression that will ever issue from myself. I just hope that the reality that exists in myself of her is at least half true this whole time of envisionment of that moment. When this occurs the minds eye will be filled, seeing molecules and time fiber with spectrums of colors enrapping the exspanse of black space that encompasses the mind.