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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Amazing Thing Is

That hardly anyone else sees the amazing.

Do you see the amazing?

Who is the amazing yo are seeing?

The Divine Ineffable. Do you still not see, when that is all to be seen? Eyes of faith did not mean the temporal eyes. It meant the deeper spiritual connection that all life has innate in  all live. This is NOT just mamas. Or organic life at all, but the very rocks cry out, therefore have the same "energy" that composes all things.

The master of it all is the Divine. The Ineffables control is why everything is harmonized and does not go crazy like pin balls at the machine a drunk 12 year old is playing. The anti-gravity numerical value is 137 decimal point long there for is highly organized and functioning beyond measure or imagination considering the same astronomical numbers of variables of operations within the temporal construct that the Divine has set in, and maintains motions and operations of. That is beyond "a miracle".

It is amazing. Glorious. Astounding. Majestic. Impressive. Powerful. Ordained. Refined. Beyond all other things.

This one smothers me with itself. The heart is alive and warmed by the burning embers yet again come to life from the coals that were in the rain. So many things are true. So many things verified yet again from youth. It never ended buy the perception consciously because of the Maya Illusion being so strong instead of the allowance of the Divine back into the heart, whereby the Ineffable has a residence. Like a home, you dont take care of it, the resident moves out.

The material world is passing away. The way of the Indian should have never been left, things will though be much different in a few generations and moons, without the vanity on the wall with hanging necklaces made of diamond gold harvest by poor people slaves in other countries, while the bath room is as big as an entire life.

Therefore I say good bye to the Western Society. There are many doing the same from my generation and younger, and in many countries, which, in a way, proves the effort all these years has been worth in in increasing flow of informational energy to spark light enough consciousness's to grow to a large bonfire. That is why the lie was perpetuated to try and stop this that "i am only one person, I cant do anything" upon the minds of society within the thought programmed matrix that was self enforced by each other, most of the time unconsciously. The wake up is in full process now being influenced by Mr. Revealing. The Avatar shines in the hearts of all, and that is why a Avatar said "that in the last days the love of the greater number would cool off".

I see the "real new world", not the banker politician created plan to enslave the entire planet. I laugh. I cannot stop sometimes from laughing. Like when younger and you almost hurt you are laughing so hard. Its the best comedy in the solar system. That is what it demonstrates for me, is that Humans are wonderful comedians. But that is about it. Bedsides a few real friends I have.

Some are invisible, and some are all online, which now, is maybe 2. Some one said that solitude is seemingly curse that is a blessing. He was right. Knowing thyself, or knowing the Divine, is of the same, for that is what is found. The Ineffable in all if it is views from this perspective. Its actually a communication of energy between each other, as all things are such.

But, the Kings of the Earth have defiled the temple, which is Earth, and therefore the above will become the below. Judgment has already been ruled, the appearances and effect has not "fully" arrived yet.

Yet. Yet. YET......

But all bad things fall, and good things rise, if the correct siting chart is remembered, and where yo are in the line. I am hearing "near the front" from the west. The correct verse was something about "those last being first, and those first being last", and something like that.

I hear clocks ticking. Tick tick tick tick. Other than that I hear War. War drums. War bombs. War depleted Uranium. War water cutting off. War lies called "advisors" like the first time in the sand box. The Savior from the North is being directed by the Ineffable as well. What, the Ineffable only used righteous nations to punish wicked nations?

I just cant believe that all the research and information is not enough to show people that this has been going on since government was invested, from peoples minds, and are being enslaved by 'only' other peoples consciousness, that their bodies act upon, and nothing else. This has all been going on for a very long time on Earth.

Never call them again, and if you do tell them how inhuman they are, and send all the letters of business offers sent to anyone as well. It has always been the snake oil salesmen of society and the bankers that store and loan out all that stolen money via "so called laws", that has nothing to do with Law, but what size jeans they were, and how much money they can put in them.

It always turns to this. Humans always forget, and then fall for the trap by slick lairs, or get coerced into paying through physical intimidation. This is a crazy time we are entering. It has not been like this for an entire great cycle at least. Which is 26 thousands years. Weird shit is happening to many in which already had weird experiences. But not at this frequency, and locations.

Its going to be interesting. Wont be boring from here on out. It will all become more visible, until it cannot be ignored any longer. This is the greatest of times. Reminds me of the warning I gave to that cop behind the fire house for having a flat tire. Judgement is coming. I can say it enough. Judgement is coming. The Great Spirit has had enough. All other things dont matter, and have gone away, which I am grateful for.

To learn from something else happening  the precepts of "letting go", and what "attachment" really is.


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